1. Mikey Wright trekking towards a French beach break in the Doogies Jacket. 
Available at http://quiksilver.com/jackets
  2. The Prince of Portugal Tiago Pires
  3. Share the stoke. quik.to/kindsurf
  4. Aritz Aranburu managing to find a clean barrel in stormy Portugal. 
  5. Bryan Fox looking for next line. 
Wearing the Dreaming Jacket with 3M Thinsulate available at quiksilver.com/snow
  6. Surfing, baguettes and haircuts. What happens on tour, stays on @instagram http://quik.to/1yX1tv0
  7. Marc Lacomare waxing his tailpad in Mexico. Photo: Testemale. Boardshorts: quiksilver.com/AG47
  8. Shaka-merci France for another great Quik Pro event. Relive all the best moments of the event on quiksilver.com/profrance. 
  9. Add warmth, not weight. Travis Rice Polar Pillow Jacket. Featuring 3M Thinsulate providing more warmth and less bulk than traditional goose down. Available at quiksilver.com/snow
  10. Jordy, Gabriel, Miguel, Kolohe thru to the quarters.
Full Quik Pro update here
  11. Pumped from local support Jeremy Flores set the bar high in his round 1 heat. Next call to resume #QuikPro round 2, 7.30am French time. Photo: @gotfilm. quiksilver.com/profrance
  12. Matt Banting - Wildcard Warm-Ups - http://quik.to/1DxtkBE
  13. Too small to start the Roxy Pro France but fun enough for a Jeremy Flores free surf on his home turf. Photo: Timo